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Using Earthwax To Get Rid Of Fleas And TicksEarthwax is a naturally occurring product in the flea and tick control industry. It is an active ingredient found in the mouth of both male and female fleas and used to destroy their eggs.People have been using this natural substance for generations as a topical treatment for fleas and ticks. However, it is only recently that modern day commercial products have been developed to effectively kill these creatures. Here is how you can use it for your pet flea problem.The first thing you should do is take off all situs poker online clothing you may have on your pet to prevent scratching or biting the skin. Hair ticks can cause problems with a cat's coat and can lead to hair loss. Next, rinse your pet thoroughly. Allow him to dry himself completely before applying Earthwax to his skin.In most cases the material will kill the fleas in one sitting, but if there is any immediate pet dander or fur on the animal you will need to wait a few minutes before using the product. If the coat has no problem shedding immediately after being washed, then you do not need to use it right away. You should allow the flea's time to leave your pet before applying the repellent.Rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water and hand soap. There should be no urine or saliva on your hands at this point, so no wiring is necessary. Rub the soap into your pet's body thoroughly, and use the washcloth to remove any excess.For a less messy approach, spray a light amount of plain room spray on your pet. It will protect your pet's skin from oils, which are what give the fleas their stinking odor.You can use a flea comb to remove the remaining fleas. This step might be necessary depending on the type of flea that your pet has.Try to get in the act as much as possible during the entire process. You will notice changes in your pet immediately. No more fleas, no more itching.