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echoes of the past

"Demon" gives us a rare opportunity to look at the wedding of the Polish point of view of a foreigner. Watching the ceremony through the groom - Peter (Itay Tiran), accompanied by an interesting aura of alienation - this treatment is of course an excellent opportunity to bullet Polish vices, but Marcin Wrona did not stop at satire (and fortunately, because "Wedding" Smarzowski said enough in this issue). Anna Smołowik, Itay Tiran, Tomasz Schuchardt Gostkiewicz Filip Plawiak Marta, Marta Adam Woronowicz Gostkiewicz starting point in his film is a horror convention. Before the wedding of the daughter of a Polish entrepreneur, Peter receives from the future father-in grounds.

During the examination gifts Briton is a human skeleton buried. After the incident, during her wedding begins to slowly roll into the abyss of madness. To this thread reaches the aforementioned satire - with more or less successful wit and przerysowanymi figures, among which leads the father of the bride (non-Poor Andrzej Grabowski). But when Peter visits as nonresident spirit, it turns out that the whole shell of horror and satire Crows accounted for only a pretext to raise the difficult subject of memory and the ways of treatment by the Poles. The marriage of these elements came creators rather good, though not without glitches. Recognition is the fact that he managed to largely achieve racial horror - especially species that does not have too many projects in the Polish cinema. The director was able to properly build tension and perfectly performed by the groom successive stages of madness.

Slightly worse is the satire - in the "Demon", you can find a pair of customs jokes situational, but in some moments of humor comes to the well-worn clichés (especially that in grotesque terms alcoholism Poles had already been exploited to the limit, among other things by the aforementioned Smarzowski). But the acting is so good that it does not give a schematic comedy so much misery. Marek Sawicki, Itay Tiran, May Barełkowska Tomasz Schuchardt, Peter Domalewski Marta Gostkiewicz problem occurs when disclose the identity of the spirit - a little tension evaporates, and the horror gives way to reflection on the difficult past (which, moreover, is a metaphor for spirit). This thread is run very efficiently and shows important issue from different sides, but when the genre cinema in Poland limps, too bad that the director stopped in mid-stride and so quickly revealed their cards - I think longer keeping the viewer in suspense would have a positive effect. But this is not a huge drawback, because even though the pace of the movie Crows disorder really good to watch. The fact is that in some places badly decomposed accents - it is worth mentioning the significant from the storyline, but completely nondescript as the bride (Agnieszka Żulewska); but other than that "demon" is both engaging horror film with very good visual side, and bitter, intriguing reflection on the present. .